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CarolinEXPRESSION XI: IMPROVE - International Survey for Patients with EndoMetrial Cancer: PeRspectiVe and Expectation of Therapy and Quality of Life.

 The Expression XI -Improve study, is an international survey aimed at patients with uterine cancer.

 What is the goal of the survey?

Through the “Expression XI” survey, the researchers want to learn from the patients -
with the goal of learning more about their symptoms throughout and after therapy, as well as to as to identify common comorbidities. Furthermore, the researchers are interested in whether lifestyle has changed after the diagnosis of the disease. Patient's expectations of the treating physician and the chosen therapy are also of great value. By participation in this survey patients can contribute for uterine cancer therapy to be specifically tailored, adapted and improved for the individual needs of patients.

 What is the survey process?

Participation in this survey is voluntary and will not affect any further treatment of the patient. The information provided will be used anonymously in the evaluation of the survey. In order to keep the effort for the patients as low as possible, the researchers tried to keep the number of questions as low as possible. Filling out the questionnaire will take about 40-50 min. The data will be collected by NOGGO e.V. and stored in a database whose server is located in Germany. Furthermore, the anonymous data will be transmitted to the evaluating institute. The questionnaires are kept by NOGGO e.V. for a period of 10 years and then destroyed.  The results of the survey may be published in medical literature, but the identity of each participant remains anonymous.

Are there any risks?

Nein, es ist eine Umfrage.


The survey is coordinated by the study group of NOGGO e.V. (North-East German Society for Gynecologic Oncology) and conducted worldwide in many hospitals and practices where patients with uterine cancer are treated, as part of the international network of ENGOT. ENGOT-GYN5/NOGGO/ EXPRESSION XI: IMPROVE


The Swiss GO Trial Group represents the Swiss participation in the study/survey (Swiss-GO-06).

For further information, please also contact the Swiss-GO Office or ask a physician to contact the Swiss-GO Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 



Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. Jalid Sehouli

Dr. Catherine Krause

Lukas Chinczewski


Expression XI Drawing: Kerstin Möller "Lebensraum im Kopf" mixed media (acrylic, chalk) 80x130 cm, Image processing:

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