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The Swiss GO Trial Group, “Swiss-GO” was founded on February the second 2019 in Basel. It is a charitable Swiss association with domicile in Basel.


Swiss-GO aims to advance interdisciplinary research and science in the field of gynecological oncology by:


  1. fostering the coordination and the conduction of studies and research projects and
  2. providing support for the evaluation and search for funding of (clinical) research projects in the area of gynecological oncology.

Swiss-GO is implicitly an inter-institutional, inter-disciplinary and inter-professional association founded to bring the expertise of clinicians and researchers closer together. To this aim Swiss-GO will hold meetings on a regular trimestral basis (two integrated in the semi-annual SAKK meetings (May and November) and two in February and September, respectively).


As a charitable association, Swiss-GO will depend on the support of Swiss-GO members and donations. If you would like to become a member or donate for our cause, please click on the membership or donations buttons situated above or on the home page.

We invite you to realize your study idea with us. Specifically, studies that stand no chance in a commercially oriented environment will have a chance now with Swiss-GO.


Let us accompany you on your journey towards new clinically relevant studies,


For any additional information please contact us: contact

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