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All studies on gynecological cancer research should find a place at Swiss-GO.
Would you like to participate in a study or have an idea for a study, let us accompany you!

  SwissGO Team 2021

Swiss GO Trial Group Team
Picture, from left to right: Dr. Pamela Mclaughlin, PhD (Clinical Scientist/Clinical Trial Manager), Maren Vogel, PhD (Scientist/Clinical Trial Manager), Prof. Dr. med. Viola Heinzelmann (President of Swiss-GO), Claudine Bommer, MSc (Cinical Trial Manager). PD Dr. André Fedier, PhD (CEO Swiss-GO) , Annet Jacob ((Clinical Trial Manager) and Micahel von Rotz (CFO)


Board Members
Picture, from left to right: PD Dr. André Fedier, (CEO Swiss-GO), PD Dr. med. Seraina Schmid, Dr. med. Sana Intidhar Labidi-Galy, Prof. Dr. med. Viola Heinzelmann, 
lic.iur. Jacqueline Burckhardt Bertossa and PD Dr. med. Marcus Vetter.
Missing Board Members, not on the picture: Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Aebi, Prof. Dr. med. Christian Kurzeder, Dr. med. Fernanda Herrera and Dr. med. Maria Del Grande. 


Patient Advocacy Group
As patient engagement in healthcare improves health outcomes, the Swiss GO Trial Group has founded a patient advocacy group.

Patient Advocacy Board

Picture, from left to right: Prof. Dr. med Viola Heinzelmann-Schwarz, Ms.Yolanda Hofer, Dr. Katrin Stamm and Ms.M ubera Krijezi 

We are very grateful that Ms.Yolanda Hofer, Ms. Mubera Krijezi and Dr. Katrin Stamm are willing to take upon them this task of becoming engaged in the trials that the Swiss GO Trial Group conducts, to improve trial outcomes.    


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