Ways to Donate

As a charitable association Swiss-GO depends on the support of Swiss-GO members, grants and donations.

Swiss-GO offers the opportunity to donate. Your donations will be for the benefit of future research proposals which cannot receive funding otherwise and are deemed of major importance to the group.

For account information, see below. Donators will receive an official confirmation document for their tax-declaration.

Ways to Donate:

How can your donation reach us? Here are the different options:

  • You can donate directly via the form on this website by credit card or Appel Pay, please click on the desired payment method. (Only for amounts up to CHF 5000) 
  • You can find our IBAN number below on this page for (e-)banking.  
  • You can download a payment slip as a PDF or order from us.
  • You can contact us personally.

Donations: via bank accout:

IBAN: CH43 0844 0258 2736 6200 2
Bank: Bank Cler AG Basel

via post account: 
Bank Cler AG 40-8888-1
CH43 0844 0258 2736 6200 2
Stating transfer in favor of:
Swiss GO Trial Group
Spitalstr. 21
4031 Basel

Payment slip as a PDF download

We thank you for your donation!


Swiss GO Trial Group
Gynecological Oncology
Hospital for Women
University Hospital Basel
Spitalstrasse 21
CH-4031 Basel

Contact Info

Phone: +41 61 265 75 00
Fax:      +41 61 265 93 22

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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