• General information for patients

    General information for Patients

    on clinical trials and gynecological cancers.

In case of acute health concerns, please contact your own physician.

Dear patients, dear relatives of those affected

Swiss-GO is a research group with you in focus. Our goal is to provide you with all information needed to become involved in clinical research.

Life expectancy in Europe has increased in the first decade of this century, and we owe this happy development to various factors, not the least to the enormous advances made in the field of medicine. Nowadays, many diseases are either curable or can at least be treated to extend life expectancy.

Clinical trials are critical to this progress as they provide the scientific background for new drugs, new treatment strategies and innovative diagnostic procedures. The Swissmedic as well as European Medicines Agency (EMA) approve modern treatments if they turn out to be more effective than current standards of care, and monitors its performences very closely in each european country to ensure it is safe. So, before a treatment is integrated into standard of care guidelines, it has been studied for many years already to ensure that the treatment is safe and effective.

On average, the development of a new drug takes at least ten years and costs over one billion euros.

The information provided here is to help you with your decision whether or not to participate in a clinical trial, when you have been asked to do so.

For additional background information please go to the frequently asked question page (FAQ) or the one on Clinical Trials.

Good to know that any person participating in a clinical trial does this on a voluntary basis and can terminate participation at any time without reason.

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